WMO BUFR Table A - Data category

As used by Cipher SoftBUFR Class Library, based on WMO BUFR Table A version 11

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This HTML-formatted table is based on a WMO document.
Please consult the original WMO document for more details and for possible notes.

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WMO BUFR Table A, version 11, for discipline 0 (Meteorology)

0    Surface data - land
1    Surface data - sea
2    Vertical soundings (other than satellite)
3    Vertical soundings (satellite)
4    Single level upper-air data (other than satellite)
5    Single level upper-air data (satellite)
6    Radar data
7    Synoptic features
8    Physical/chemical constituents
9    Dispersal and transport
10   Radiological data
11   BUFR tables, complete replacement or update
12   Surface data (satellite)
20   Status information
21   Radiances (satellite measured)
31   Oceanographic data
101  Image data
255  Indicator for local use, with sub-category
13-19, 22-30, 32-100, 102-239 Reserved 240-254 For experimental use

Note: In data category 255, the local data category may be described by BUFR, Section 1, octet 10.

Update history

This is version 11.1 of Cipher BUFR table A, created from original WMO documents by Northern Lighthouse Ltd.